Common Problems and Solutions of Water Purifiers

Unpleasant Taste or Smell of Water

When water has an unusual taste or smell, this is caused by a biofilm (organic and inorganic material that accumulate in the surface), which has built up in one filtration stage or more and that the contaminant level has increased. The fastest way to address this is by replacing the clogged filters/membrane to see if the taste and odor improves. It is a must to change filters once a year.

When using a Reverse Osmosis water purifier, if the water comes with a metallic taste because of the copper tubing used in its mechanism, this means a huge amount of chloride, sulfate and bicarbonates have dissolved in water and has left such a taste in water. Just the same, if the water tastes a bit salty, this means that salt as well as other solids have dissolved in it. In order to remove these particles from water, the RO purifier should function at its full potential. For proper maintenance, the purifier can be checked by a professional and cleaned every 6 months.

Slow Flow of Water

In the first years, when the purifier worked at its best, it would release water that is enough to fill a glass. Now, when it fills the glass halfway, water stops flowing from the faucet. This is probably caused by either low water volume or pressure. To operate efficiently, this requires an RO purifier to have a pressure of at least 40 to 60 pounds per square inch or psi. Also, there may be something malfunctioning in the water storage tank. The water tank has an air bladder, which works faster based on the amount of water stored in the tank. So , more water means more pressure.

When the bladder has a leak, it does not release much pressure, leading to slow water flow from the faucet. Another reason why there is no or slow water flow from the purifier is the water filter cartridges get clogged by the high level of sediments in water. In case the filters are clogged, they have to be replaced.

Noisy Faucet

Usually, after changing the filter cartridges, there may sometimes be a strange noise coming from the drain line or faucet of the water purifier. Actually, there is nothing wrong with the purifier so it does not have to be replaced. This often happens when there is a water pressure change in the system or air is being pushed out of the system. If the noise is still the same hours or days after the filter is replaced, a professional should check if the tubing is right. Also, the noise may be heard when the valve of the tank is not closed properly.

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