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Water Treatments For Your DFW Metro Home

Whole-Home Water Systems

At Shelton’s Water, we’re determined to provide Northern Texas with comprehensive water solutions for every type of situation. Whether you’re looking for extra layers of defense in the form of specialized filtration, like an RO water system, or you’re tired of spotty dishes and want to manage the drawbacks of hard water, we have the system you need to transform your water exactly how you see fit.

If you rely on bottled water, then a whole-home water system from the team here at Shelton’s Water could potentially be one of the best investments you could make.

Bringing high-quality water directly to every faucet in your home, one of our systems has the potential to allow you to never worry about the water quality in the Dallas Fort Worth Metro again.

a series of three black kinetico water filtration systems to filter water for an entire home

Why Choose A Whole-Home Water System?

With tap water being perfectly adequate for most purposes, it might not immediately be clear why one would go through the trouble of installing a whole-home water system in North Texas.

However, these systems come with several very clear benefits, some of which could work towards reimbursing your initial installation costs.

Improved Water Quality

The most obvious benefit of utilizing a whole-home water system is the overall improvement of water quality. By filtering your main water line, you can ensure that every drop that exits every faucet in your house both tastes and smells better.

Healthier Drinking Water

With comprehensive filtration provided by a whole-home water system, homeowners can feel far more secure about every sip of water they take. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies like ultraviolet sanitation and reverse osmosis filtration, your water is guaranteed to be free of bacterial and viral contaminants.

Reduced Chlorine Exposure

In most cities, the standard water sanitation process utilizes chlorine as a vital component for purification. While the chemical is harmless at the levels used, it can cause your water to have a slight taste and smell which a whole-home system will remove.

Protection For Appliances And Plumbing

Because some whole-home water systems are capable of partial water softening, homeowners can enjoy some of the main benefits of softening, without having an entire unit installed. Filtered water should be free of high concentrations of dissolved minerals, which protects against wear and tear on your appliances.

Cleaner And Softer Skin And Hair

Another benefit of the partial softening that happens during whole-home filtration is the improved conditions for your skin and hair. It’s often overlooked, but the quality of water you use to wash and bathe is just as important as the quality of the soap you use. Our filtration systems will ensure that your water is free of contaminants that are linked to dry skin and hair.

Convenience And Cost Savings

It’s been proven that the average homeowner consumes nearly 170 bottles of water per year. Not only can this habit cost hundreds of dollars over a year but collectively, every bottle purchased represents another bottle that will potentially end up occupying a landfill.

Having bottled-quality water available at every faucet in your home with a simple turn of a faucet can make it far easier to ditch the water bottles and live a more environmentally-sustainable existence.

Ditch The Plastic With Your Own Brand Of Purified Water

If you’re serious about your hydration and the quality of the water you use to cook and clean, then choosing a water system installation with the team at Shelton’s Water is an option that you won’t regret.

With the potential to save you money, greatly reduce your dependence on plastic and add a layer of safety and security to your Arlington home‘s water that you didn’t know was possible, choosing us for your North Texas water filtration could greatly improve your day-to-day life while redefining the way you think about water.

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