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What’s Your Water Score?

Sometimes it can be difficult to determine if your home is showing signs of hard water. That’s why Shelton’s Water offers our quick and easy water quality scorer! Check out the common symptoms on the water hardness scale below. While not all homes will experience water hardness symptoms the same, this list will give you a good idea if you’re suffering from hard water. The lower your score, the worse your hard water might be!

water score bar for hrd water

Extremely – Very Hard Water

There is white, crusty scale buildup on all your fixtures and appliances.

You notice your hair is dry and your skin is very itchy, especially after taking a shower or washing your hands.

Your shower collects soap scum quickly.

Your plumbing pipes are getting blocked frequently from scale.

Your laundry is very stiff and dull, even feeling rough tot he touch.

All your dishes and glassware dry with water marks and cloudy film.

water score bar for moderately hard water

Moderately Hard Water

You seem to use more soap to clean and wash than you used to, and it doesn’t lather too well.

There are some scale rings in your bathtub and on one of your faucets.

Your sink has been clogging more than usual.

You notice you need to use lotion more often after you shower.

A few of your clothing items always come out of the wash a little rough.


water quality score for soft water

Soft Water

All your glasses are clear and clean after washing.

Your appliances run smoothly and you never see scale buildup on fixtures.

Your hair and skin feel soft and hydrated after touching water.

Your pipes don’t build up scale, causing tough blockages.


a map of Texas colored in for hard water areas

Hard Water In Arlington, TX

The water in Arlington is measured, on average, at about 7-8 gpg (grains per gallon). This means that many homes in Arlington are at higher risk for experiencing hard water symptoms.

If your calculate water score is 40 or lower, then you are suffering from the hard water that runs in the Arlington area. Our team at Shelton’s Water can determine the true cause of your frustrations and recommend the best water softening services for your home.

Start your journey up that scale toward 80-100 on our water score and enjoy all the clean, clear benefits it brings.

Join the hundreds of happy homeowners in your area that have taken advantage of the power of soft water!

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