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The team here at Shelton’s Water is determined to be a source of comprehensive water solutions for all of the Dallas Fort Worth Metro and North Texas. From water purification and filtration to water softeners, we have a solution for whatever issue you could be facing.

We install Kinetico water softeners for the most effective water-softening experience. When you need a home water softener system, count on Shelton’s to get the job done right!

What Is Hard Water?

Hard water is a problem that you might have never heard of until you find yourself dealing with it.

Unfortunately, it’s pretty common here in Arlington, TX. It might be difficult to comprehend how water can be ‘hard,’ and calling it this is something of a misnomer.

When water is referred to as ‘hard,’ it doesn’t mean you can roll a ball on it.

The hardness of water refers to the concentration of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium found present in any particular water source. Water that’s free of these dissolved particles is referred to as ‘soft’.

Do You Need A Water Softener In DFW Metro?

While hard water is essentially safe, it is associated with several annoying drawbacks that can cause your hard-earned time at home to be far less convenient. Below is a list of a few of the worst of these effects. If you’re regularly dealing with any of them, our team highly suggests you consider calling us to determine if a home water filtration system is the best solution.

Hard Water Stains

Evidence of hard water is easy to detect if you know what you’re looking for. Because of its high concentration of dissolved minerals, one of the most problematic side effects of hard water is the residue it leaves behind as it evaporates. Generally appearing in the form of dull spots, this residue can leave your dishes and home surfaces looking unkept and dingy no matter how hard you work to keep them clean.

Reduced Soap Effectiveness

The minerals in hard water are capable of interacting with the molecules in soap, greatly reducing its ability to lather and clean appropriately. If you find yourself struggling to create bubbles, regardless of the type of soap you’re using, there’s a good chance that it’s being caused by the hardness of your water.

Dry & Itchy Skin

The minerals in hard water can have several negative impacts on your skin and hair. Not only can hard water leave behind a thin residue but the minerals themselves can absorb your skin and hair’s natural oils which can lead to dryness and damage.

Faded And Stiff Laundry

Hard water can also impact the effectiveness of soap used throughout your household – including the detergent you use for your laundry. Not only will your detergent have a more difficult time getting your clothing clean, but the mineral residue left behind in the fibers can make them feel rough to the touch.

Clogged Pipes & Reduced Water Pressure

If left unchecked, the minerals dissolved in hard water can build up and accumulate on the interior walls of your pipes and plumbing. This can lead to reduced water pressure and eventually lead to clogs.

Increased Appliance Wear

In a similar way, mineral deposits can increase wear and reduce the lifespan of any appliances that utilize water. From the coffee maker to your fridge, you can expect shorter lifespans from every appliance if you don’t take care of your hard water issue.

High Energy Costs

Hard water buildup can decrease the lifespan of your appliances and also increase the energy they require, making everything more costly.

Life Is Hard Enough, Your Water Shouldn’t Be

If you’re dealing with the impacts of hard water and are looking for the best North Texas water softener installation around, we urge you to call the team at Shelton’s Water today!

With a wide range of water-softening systems and an even greater selection of filtration options, we’re confident we have a product that can greatly improve how you feel about your water at home.

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