How do you know which water filter is most appropriate for you home?

There is a wide range of options for those who want to buy a water filter. Each is capable of removing contaminants in the water. However, some are efficient in eliminating a particular category of contaminants and are not too great at eliminating others.

Test the Quality of Water

In finding the best water filter for a household or establishment, the quality of water should first be tested. The following is a guide on how to go about it:

Checking Water with a Test Kit

Know the Type of Water

The term water quality refers to the concentration of water contaminants. Some of these are bacteria, viruses, chlorine, nitrates/nitrites, pesticides, hardness and heavy metals, among others. The pH level also has an effect on the quality of water so this should be tested as well. Though chlorine disinfects water, it gives a certain taste. Hard water can cause scale buildup. Pesticides plus nitrites/nitrates endanger heath and pose a risk to children. Acidic water tastes bad and can speed up the corrosion of pipes and fixtures.

Invest in a Water Quality Test Kit

Nowadays, there are lots of test kits so it will be easy to find one online or at retailers. Test kits come with test strips that change their color depending on the contaminants found in the water. It is best to purchase test kits that come with separate strips for hardness, bacteria, pesticides, chlorine, lead or heavy metals, nitrates/nitrites and pH. When it  includes only one strip, this will only test the pH.

Read the Instructions Found in the Test Kit

Test kits include directions and since they come in a wide variety,  the instructions may vary as well. The directions will show how long the strips need to be exposed to water before being read, how warm it should be and what the colors mean.

Test the Water

After reading the instructions, it is now time to test the water. The test strip needs to be submerged in water for a certain amount of time as per instruction. Thereafter, the strip is removed from water, shaking excess drops. Then, after waiting for the appropriate time, the strips can now be compared to the color chart.

Know the Quality of Water

There are different indicators in every strip and people have to see to it that they do the correct comparison. The colors will give an assessment whether the concentration of substance is satisfactory or risky. In case the outcome is at hazardous levels, it is best to do another test to make sure there are no errors.

Off course, you can always get professional help for these tasks from a water filtration installer Fort Worth. It’s safer, and you can be sure the results are accurate. So why not choose a trusted water softeners installer Fort Worth?